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DVD-RP82 DVD player w/ SDI mod
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S/N: KS2JA001587
Used. Cosmetic 7/10

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Price: $75

The Panasonic DVD-RP82 is a DVD player that plays DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3- and WMA-encoded CDs. Quick Replay jumps 10 seconds for easy recaps. Progressive-scan video output. Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound decoding with 6 analog-audio outputs and an optical digital-audio output. Variable zoom converts widescreen images to full-screen on 4:3 TVs. Outputs include component video, composite, s-video, surround 5.1, coaxial, optical.

But what really makes this special is it has had a professional SDI mod installed. This modification upgrades this to have a SMPTE 259M serial digital interface. The modded SDI connection bypasses the D/A and A/D stages and sends a digital 480i & 576i signal directly into your video processor. The result is a much more detailed picture with richer colors and NO video noise.

This is a region 3 player (Southeast Asia / South Korea / Taiwan, parts of East Asia including Hong Kong) which should play NTSC and PAL discs. It has significant cosmetic scratches and paint wear on top and faceplate. It is also missing the jog/shuttle knob (though jog/shuttle can still be operated by fingertip). No remote included. Tested in good working order, including SDI output.

PMW-50 SxS HD422 field deck
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S/N: 101095
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

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Price: $1,329

The Sony PMW-50 is a SxS portable mobile recording deck supporting XDCAM HD422. Can also do HD420, SD, and many other modes in a variety of worldwide frame rates in .MXF and .MP4. Features 2 slots, 3.5" LCD display, HD-SDI / SD-SDI input and output, HDMI, analog audio, composite video, headphone, i.Link, USB, and more. Powered by BC-U1 or BP-U30/BP-U60 (battery not included). Record/playback HD422 MXF files on UDF formatted cards, such as from the PMW-100, PMW-160, PMW-200, and PMW-500 camcorders. Also can do XDCAM EX MP4 on FAT formatted cards such as from PMW-EX1, PMW-EX1R, PMW-F3, PMW-320, PMW-350.

Includes BC-U1 ac adapter/charger, infrared remote, USB cable, strap, wi-fi adapter bracket, side spacer. Mint condition with only 43 hours (low usage). Tested in excellent working order.