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AJ-PG50 P2 AVC-Ultra recorder
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S/N: L4TBA0078
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

(In Stock)
Price: $1,495

The Panasonic AJ-PG50 is a portable P2 memory recorder, that has two microP2 slots or one full-size P2 card slot. It supports AVC Ultra, AVC Intra 100/50, AVC Long G, and DVCPRO HD/50/DV codecs. This can be powered by power supply or VW-VBD58 style battery pack (not included). Supports 60P (59.94), 50P, 59.94i (60i), and 50i. Does not support 24P or 25P. Connections include: 3G-SDI, HDMI, time code input, rec start/stop trigger, XLR inputs, analog audio out, headphones, USB 3.0 Host (to external drives), USB 2.0 Device (to computer), and LAN ethernet (for proxy preview, remote control, and file transfer). Video can be played back on the built-in 3.5" LCD, which has waveform/vectorscope, thumbnail, 4:3 marker, and menu structure. Additional features include: simultaneous redundant recording, dual codec record (proxy), automatic record, loop record, shoter marker, metadata to SD memory card, copying between P2 and micro P2, downconversion, video streaming over wired or wireless LAN (with AJ-WM30 module added), 6 assignable buttons, and many more powerful features.

This includes power supply. Battery not included. Operation hours: 426. Power on times: 65. Excellent cosmetic condition with only very minor signs of wear. Tested in excellent working order.

DVD-RP82 DVD player w/ SDI mod
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S/N: KS2JA001587
Used. Cosmetic 7/10

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Price: $75

The Panasonic DVD-RP82 is a DVD player that plays DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3- and WMA-encoded CDs. Quick Replay jumps 10 seconds for easy recaps. Progressive-scan video output. Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound decoding with 6 analog-audio outputs and an optical digital-audio output. Variable zoom converts widescreen images to full-screen on 4:3 TVs. Outputs include component video, composite, s-video, surround 5.1, coaxial, optical.

But what really makes this special is it has had a professional SDI mod installed. This modification upgrades this to have a SMPTE 259M serial digital interface. The modded SDI connection bypasses the D/A and A/D stages and sends a digital 480i & 576i signal directly into your video processor. The result is a much more detailed picture with richer colors and NO video noise.

This is a region 3 player (Southeast Asia / South Korea / Taiwan, parts of East Asia including Hong Kong) which should play NTSC and PAL discs. It has significant cosmetic scratches and paint wear on top and faceplate. It is also missing the jog/shuttle knob (though jog/shuttle can still be operated by fingertip). No remote included. Tested in good working order, including SDI output.

HDW-D1800 HDCAM recorder
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S/N: 12749
Used. Cosmetic 8/10

(In Stock)
Price: $1,775

The HDW-D1800 is a HDCAM studio editing recorder. Unlike the HDW-1800, this model can also playback tapes in Digibeta and MPEG IMX formats. Capable of 60i (59.94i), 50i, 29.97PsF, 23.98PsF, 24PsF. Also can do 3:2 pulldown with the optional HKDW-104 board (which is included here). Editing features inherited from the HDW-2000 such as DMC, audio split, pre-read, and audio cross-fade. Also features built-in down converter, up to 3 packets of VANC metadata recording / playback, non-audio recording such as Dolby-E or AC3, confidence recording, and color LCD panel (which can display audio levels, time data, menus, and playback/recording picture). Connections include: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, RS-422, analog XLR, composite, component, time code, AES/EBU, and more. This is a full-sized robust studio deck.

This includes the HKDW-104 board which provides 3-2 pull down and 720P output. Low/moderate hours of use: Drum 1274, Tape 916, Thred count 2879. Cosmetically clean with only minor external wear, mainly on top cover. Clean tape transport/path. Shows signs of recent roller replacement. This just had the NV-RAM internal battery replaced, so this will function normally without error codes and maintain setting changes. These internal batteries are often old and not recently replaced on used examples of these, so this is important for a unit to be reliable. No channel condition errors. All functions, features, and connections are tested in excellent working order with small and large HDCAM cassette sizes, as well as Digibeta and MPEG IMX tape playback. This will ship in a hard foam-lined transport case. The case is well-used and shows cosmetic wear and writing on it, but is suitable for protection in shipping and transport.