Sell Your Equipment

We are interested in all your surplus equipment, such as: VTRs, camcorders, monitors, NLE/Avid, microphones, tripods, lighting, mixers, musical instruments, speakers, rack gear, and test equipment (i.e. waveform monitors and vectorscopes). Whether you have one item to sell, are looking to liquidate your entire company, or want to trade-in/upgrade your existing gear - The Broadcast Baron is interested in hearing from you! Contact us and we'll either make an immediate purchase, consignment/brokerage deal, or put your gear into the database for future reference. Because BCB takes smaller mark-ups than most broadcast equipment dealers, you can not only buy your gear for less, but can often sell your gear for more! Please include the following information in your correspondence:

1) Make/Model:
2) S/N:
3) Functional condition/service history:
4) Hour readings (if applicable):
5) Cosmetic condition:
6) Any accessories/options included:
7) Desired Price (if blank, you will get an offer):