Q. So who exactly is the Broadcast Baron?
A. The Broadcast Baron is a hyperbolic manifestation of the qualities that the owner of the company, Kevin Ross, wants his company to represent. Honesty. Integrity. Valor. Courage. Daring. But most importantly, an unwavering dedication. The Broadcast Baron is a dashing character who is obsessed with only one thing, providing video and pro audio equipment better than anyone else can. Every great hero has a passion in life and that is his.

Q. How often is your website updated?
A. Every day! Unlike other websites, the gear listed as being in inventory actually will be!

Q. Where do you get your equipment?
A. Having been in this industry for 18 years, Kevin Ross acquired many connections and is attaining new ones every day. These connections have their own connections as well - and that makes for a lot of connections! Through only a few degrees of separation, The Broadcast Baron is affiliated with just about everyone in the business! These sources include film studios, production and postproduction companies, auctioneers, corporate liquidations, private parties, and anybody who uses cinema / broadcast equipment. As gear comes onto the market, it is either purchased immediately and taken into inventory or its existence is noted for future reference in case you ask for it. This allows us to quickly broker you almost anything you would need (the average time to locate a requested item is only two days and often the very same day).

Q. How do you know your gear is fully functional?
A. Every piece of gear is thoroughly tested in-house and accurately assessed. This is not a brief check to see if it is not DOA or accomplishes only the basic functions. Every feature is tested and the item is thoroughly examined/cleaned inside and out. We are picky and proud of it! If anything if found that makes the item less than perfect and up to factory specifications, repairs/maintenance is done in-house or outsourced to the finest repair shops. If any flaws remain at the time the item is listed, they will be fully disclosed in the item description and cosmetic condition rating - so there is no surprises. And even in the unlikely event that something was overlooked, you have a 30 day warranty!

Q. How do you know your brokered items are as described, since they aren't in inventory?
A. Unlike many other brokers, The Broadcast Baron takes brokered items into stock for full testing before releasing the item to you. We would never merely rely on what the original owner of the item told us. Every brokered item that reaches you is held to the same quality standards as items that are in inventory.

Q. How can I reserve gear if I can't buy immediately?
A. Items are generally on a first come first serve basis, however a deposit or an approved purchase order will allow your goods to be held for a reasonable period of time.

Q. What happens if the gear arrives damaged?
A. The Broadcast Baron takes meticulous care in packaging the items it ships and they are fully insured. However, if an accident does occur and your goods arrive damaged, you will get a full refund or replacement item - regardless of whether the shipping company eventually pays us or not on the insurance claim. All we ask is that you fully cooperate with the insurance claim and do the steps neccessary to make that a smooth process for us.

Q. What kind of warranty is offered?
A. You get a 30 day warranty (warranty only applicable to end users). Rest easy knowing your gear will arrive to you in tip-top shape, in the cosmetic/functional condition stated, guaranteed. All items included warranty unless otherwise noted as being sold as-is. Extended warranties are available at an additional cost -- ask about them. Warranty can not be claimed if item is not compatible with your system or your needs (i.e. suitability of purpose).

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. Payment methods include Paypal, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover), cashier’s check, wire transfer, or physical cash / currency. Company and personal checks are subject to a routine banking hold of between 3-12 days, depending upon their origin. Escrow can be done only through www.escrow.com and at buyer's expense. Other terms - such as COD, financing/payment plans, net terms, etc - are very possible, but must be pre-approved by The Broadcast Baron before the deal is completed.

Q. How much will I owe for sales tax?
A. That depends!
1) If you're not in California or item is shown to be immediately shipping out of CA: 0%
2) If you're in CA and have valid and current reseller's permit (and fill out reseller certificate): 0%
3) If you're in CA and using the equipment: 5% off your normal district tax rate via teleproduction partial exemption (must fill out tax form 6378 to receive the sales tax discount. To qualify, the equipment, and the nature of your business, must be more than 50 percent related to postproduction. NOTE: production equipment does not qualify; only postproduction audio or video equipment). Please visit the following link to learn more about this law: teleproduction partial exemption. Your rate would be 4.5%, for example, if I delivered to LA county (which is normally 9.5%. If you picked up from me, in Riverside County, you would be responsible for 2.75% (Riverside county rate is 7.75%).
4) If you're in CA and don't qualify for the teleproduction partial exemption (i.e. you are a corporate user, hobbyist, rental company, this is production equipment, etc): must pay full district rate.

Q. Who pays for shipping?
A. The buyer pays actual shipping costs for desired shipping speed, unless free shipping is included.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Not specifically, but in special cases payment plans can be arranged. We are also glad to work with the leasing company of your choice.

Q. Do you sell to international buyers?
A. Yes! But all sales must be prepaid and cleared before shipment - no exceptions! Wire transfer preferred. Also, Paypal, cashier's check, personal/company check are okay - but all of them must clear before shipment (however long that takes). Credit cards only accepted from international customers on a case by case basis.

Q. Is there room for negotiation on prices?
A. Unlike other sellers, we don't set my prices insanely high hoping for the occasional "sucker," but generally expecting the prices to be bargained down. Prices are set fairly for a quick sale. BCB takes smaller margins than the average seller, so there isn't an enormous window for negotiation there. But if there is a particularly slow-moving item or one you genuinely feel is priced above market value, then ask! Sometimes we have to cut our losses, but that is a rare occurrence.

Q. Is there discounts for buying multiple items at the same time?
A. Yes. Due to the convenience you would provide by doing this, something almost always can be worked out.

Q. Why should I buy from you?
A. See the "About BCB" section for what sets us apart and "Testimonials" to show that we are serious about our claims!

Q. Why should I sell to you?
A. See the "Sell gear" section for how you can benefit by selling to The Broadcast Baron.

Q. What is the best way to reach you?
A. Kevin Ross believes in obsessive e-mail checking, so that will get you the quickest response (often within minutes after receiving the e-mail). Calling on the phone will get you a prompt response as well, just not as lightning fast like an e-mail would.