The Concept


I, Kevin Ross, founded the Broadcast Baron (BCB) in order to fill a much-needed void in the cinema / broadcast video equipment market. Having operated this equipment myself for many years, I became frustrated with the options available when buying gear. The large and established dealers have a great selection and decent service, but unreasonably high prices. The small dealers are more affordable, but tend to be unknowledgeable and unscrupulous.

My company seeks to provide all the service, reliability, knowledge, honesty, and speed of the large dealers at a price one would find from the small, risky sellers - or even private parties. The Broadcast Baron name will be synonymous with true value.

Quality Guaranteed. . .
30 day warranty standard to end users. Extended warranties available at small additional cost. We understand how important the reliability of your gear is. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

. . .While Still Saving Money
By keeping our overhead low and scouring our extensive network for the best deals possible, we can offer prices as low as what you would find from a private party - while providing the expertise and reliability of even the largest reseller. Less money on gear means more money in your pocket.

Quick Delivery
We take your deadlines very seriously and will do whatever it takes to get you what you need, when you need it - even if this means personally delivering it to your doorstep or overnighting it the same day we receive your order. Sit back and relax!

Professional packaging
If your item needs to be shipped, it will be packed well-beyond UPS or FEDEX standards. You will not have the inconvenience, and lost profit, of receiving damaged goods.

What you need, When you need it
We try to keep the most popular items in inventory at all times. If what you need is not in stock, our vast database of connections will allow us to broker it for you fast - only two days on average to locate it.

Thorough Inspection and Servicing
We do not merely rely on the statements of those we obtain gear from. Each piece is thoroughly tested before being shipped to you - not just for basic functionality, but to ensure the unit is up to factory specs. If anything is less than perfect, we outsource repairs/maintenance to the most skilled repair shops.. Your unit will arrive to you without needing any work done on it, so you do not have to incur additional costs, hassle, and downtime.

We go the extra mile
Some people say this, but we really will do whatever is needed to gain
and keep your business. Whether it be liquidating entire facilities, taking
trade-ins, offering payment plans, dealing with unusual requests, meeting
last minute deadlines, or even selling accessory items at cost with a large purchase.
*Whatever you need, we will find a way to make it happen.*