Every item sold includes the following warranty, unless specified "as-is". Warranty only applies to end-users of the equipment that are sold to directly by The Broadcast Baron. For warranties longer than 30 days, please contact to ask about rates.

Representations are limited to the fitness of the equipment, not to the suitability of its application.

If equipment has any remaining factory warranty (whether US warranty or international warranty) this supersedes the Broadcast Baron 30 warranty. If a problem is discovered in the first 30 days, and a factory warranty remains, the factory will be responsible for repair instead of The Broadcast Baron. However, if it is a minor repair or the factory refuses to repair, The Broadcast Baron may take care of it - but that is at our discretion.

If no factory warranty remains, there is a guarantee on functionality of unit 30 days from day of receipt (excluding audio or video heads/drum, CCD block/pixels, and batteries). This does not include routine/preventative service - such as, but not limited to, cleaning, alignment, replacement of wearable parts such as pinch roller or cleaning roller that are supposed to be replaced periodically. That is, servicing that would be done periodically by a responsible owner are not covered under warranty; only repairs needed that are specific to the particular unit purchased that are of an unexpected and irregular nature are covered. The exception is if the item is advertised as fully refurbished or had recent preventative maintenance done - in which case that would be covered.

Items are only tested and guaranteed to work at 110-120VAC (US standard). Items that feature a switchable/international power supply are not guaranteed to work at all voltage standards. Any modifications needed to operate at anything but 110-120V are the full responsibility of the buyer.

Any problem must be reported to The Broadcast Baron before the warranty period is up. If the problem occurred before 30 days is up, but is reported after 30 days is up, this does not fall into the warranty period. Please report any problem immediately. If a problem occurs and buyer chooses not to fix it right away and continues to use the machine, the warranty is void (unless express permission is granted by The Broadcast Baron that they may continue using the machine before the repair is done). Warranty is void if repair deemed to be necessary is not done in a timely manner, even if use of machine is discontinued. The unit needs to be brought into a repair shop ASAP, regardless of how busy your schedule is.

The owner must also have reasonable expectations of what needs to be done, based on hours of use and condition of equipment. A repair that would fall under warranty terms for a brand new or near new item, may not fall under warranty for an item with several thousand hours or one that is many years old. EX: capacitors on a newer item with little use would be covered, as they are not expected to go out yet. Capacitors for a machine that is 10 years old run the risk of leaking regardless of whether you buy it from The Broadcast Baron or anywhere else. Things such as firmware/software and other updates are not covered. Precise calibration of video monitors and test equipment, or setup of cameras, is not covered (unless otherwise specified as fully calibrated). Conversely, items that aren't part of routine maintenance will fall under warranty guidelines regardless of age/usage of machine - items such as cassette elevators, motors, transport parts, defective circuit boards, faulty power supply, etc. Common sense will apply!

Necessary repairs will be made at our expense. Repairs to be made at location of our choosing. If The Broadcast Baron decides repairs are not practical, the item will be refunded or replaced at our discretion. If item needs to be shipped for repairs or return, this is at expense of buyer. There will be no reimbursement for the original shipping costs or any taxes/duties incurred. Return shipping of repaired/replacement item is at our expense to any of the 48 states.

This warranty cannot be honored, is null and void, for any negligence, misuse, abuse (intentional or unintentional), or neglect that is committed by another party besides The Broadcast Baron. This includes, but is not limited to, severe damage by physical force such as being dropped, water damage, electrical surges/shorts, theft, natural disasters, fire, tampering, and shipping/transportation damage that occurs if the buyer has the unit shipped anywhere. There will be no compensation for any lost time, or rentals fees, that result from a unit being out of commission.

To reiterate, this warranty can be claimed only for repairs needed in the normal, accepted use of operating your item purchased from The Broadcast Baron. Please read the above terms carefully to understand the difference between covered repairs and non-covered repairs.

Despite the legalize, The Broadcast Baron stands behind our equipment and will not sell you a lemon! Our number one goal is a satisfied customer and an excellent reputation.