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AJ-HPD2500 HD recorder/player
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S/N: B2TBA0004
Used. Cosmetic 8.5/10

(In Stock)
Price: $2,245
The Panasonic AJ-HPD2500 (AJ-HPD2500P / AJ-HPD2500PJ) is not just a typical P2 card reader and video recorder, but a a full-size broadcast studio VTR and edit deck. Ideal for mobile trucks, broadcast studio, production facilities, non-linear editing systems, line/studio recording, editing, synchronizing dailies, transmitting, archiving, and more. Supports 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC Intra 100/50 for the utmost in quality. Also works with DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DV. Super versatile with compatibility with worldwide PAL/NTSC frame rates (1080, 720, and SD) - and up/down/cross conversion between formats. 6 P2 slots, which allow continuous recording for extended times and hot swapping. Pro connections include: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES/EBU, XLR audio, time code, RS-422A, RS-232C, analog composite video, headphone, USB, LAN, eSATA 3Gbit. Additional features include: 4.3" LCD display, comprehensive editing control panel (editor GUI, AV independent edit, insert edit, overwrite edit, editcopy function), jog/shuttle dial, varicam speed effects, text memo, shot marker, clip metadata, direct capture from external VTR, waveform/vectorscope display, gigabit ethernet for FTP transfers (FTP client function, FTP/Samba server function, HTTP server function, and WWW browser function).

This wasn't used by the previous owner, so arrived with almost no usage on the meter (0 operation, 0 LCD, 5 power on). It has some scratches on top cover and rear due to transportation in the facility, but not from actual usage. So internally it is new, but shows some minor wear on exterior. This sold new at most retailers for around $23,000. So this is a steep savings indeed. This is the big daddy of P2 decks, a rare find in this kind of nearly un-used demo condition.

J-H3 HDCAM 24P cinealta player
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S/N: 10330
Used. Cosmetic 8/10

(In Stock)
Price: $999
The Sony JH3 HDCAM tape deck can playback just about any HDCAM interlaced and progressive scan format, including 60i, 50i, 25p, 30p, and even 24P (unlike the J-H1). Other features include: HD-SDI & SD-SDI serial digital interface as well as analog output, NTSC/PAL multi-standard, computer display output for analog RGB at XGA resolution, 3:2 pulldown, RS-422 control, XLR audio output, timecode output, tele-file support, and ability to operate in a horizontal or vertical position. Has an internal SD downconverter (to SD-SDI, component, or composite).

Some cosmetic scratches on top cover, but overall clean. This has moderate hours of use: Drum 1735, tape 1262, thread 5770. reel shift 1516. The tape transport and elevator are in pristine condition, just thoroughly cleaned internally with new pinch and cleaning rollers installed in preparation for sale. It didn't really need service to function well, but we like to do preventative service to make sure it will be reliable for the buyer. We have loads of experience with tape decks and J-series players and specialize in properly testing them. Many of these are sold by remarketing and asset recovery companies with no real experience with this type of equipment - who just power them up and maybe quickly pop in a tape if they have one, who then call this "tested and working". We have years of specialized experience in the broadcast field and have been in this industry since back when only tape-based machines were sold. Excellent working condition, all functions tested in proper working order.